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ACT NOW: RFRA is alive March 29, 2015

notdeadfbOn Monday, the House Judiciary Committee will discuss RFRA—with the sole purpose of removing existing amendments clarifying that the bill cannot be used to discriminate against LGBT Georgians.

Instead, RFRA supporters will offer a trojan horse amendment that will offer absolutely no protections—and will enable individuals and businesses to completely ignore laws like Atlanta’s LGBT non-discrimination law.

Let’s be clear: If this version of RFRA passes, it will mean state-sanctioned, legalized discrimination against gay and transgender Georgians.

Tell your lawmakers: Reject any and all legislation that allows for discrimination against LGBT Georgians. Click here to send an urgent message now.

The amendment that will be offered on Monday is incomprehensible. It says that RFRA cannot be used to discriminate against anyone protected under state law.

But here’s the thing, Cameron: Georgia has NO statewide civil rights law. Statewide law includes no protected classes. This amendment would do NOTHING to prevent discrimination—NOTHING.

Our opponents have one motive: Legalize discrimination against gay and transgender Georgians. This amendment would allow for exactly that. And now, we only have until Monday at 10am to stop it.

We have to stop this amendment now before it’s too late. Click here to urge your lawmaker to oppose any and all attempts to legalize discrimination against LGBT Georgians.

I told you yesterday that RFRA’s supporters haven’t given up—and this proves it.

We have to stop this bill.

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